Our Story

It’s scientifically impossible to resist fresh baked cookies.

They’ve actually done studies.* It just doesn’t happen.

Some people hypothesize this is due to their warm, sweet, melt-in-your-mouth gooeyness. Others, find the smell of fresh baked cookies too delectable to turn down.  But I think, it’s because fresh baked cookies evoke life’s best memories.

Sneaking spoonfuls of dough while mom wasn’t watching.
Holidays spent with the whole family gathered around the kitchen table.
Surprising loved ones with a special, handmade treat.

Cookies bring people TOGETHER. That fresh baked cookie smell isn’t just the magical chemistry of delicious ingredients, it’s pure JOY.

This is why I started Diyan’s cookies.

I’ve been baking my entire life. As a little girl, I’d spend hours experimenting with different ingredient combinations and making a HUGE mess in the kitchen. (Which I’m sure my mom loved.)

When I had my children, I got them involved with baking from a young age too.  I would tell them it’s “baking time!” and they’d run to grab their little aprons, ready to help (and I’m sure lick the spoons behind my back).

While I love baking and adore the quality time with my family, I know not everyone has the ability to make delicious, homemade cookies from scratch. It’s super time consuming and can make a giant mess.

So I started giving my friends and family bags of pre-made cookie dough, that they could keep in their freezer. They could make freshly baked cookies for unexpected guests, create cherished memories with their kids, or satisfy a sugar craving at a moment’s notice.

A few of my friends from Australia and the US told me frozen cookie dough was a HUGE thing in their countries but impossible to find in Singapore. I think they were hinting that I should introduce this trend to our city.

Well, it worked.

Diyan’s was born.

We want everyone in Singapore to experience the joy of delicious, fresh baked cookies in their own homes, without all the fuss!

Our cookies are loaded with only the highest quality ingredients, organic creamery butter, premium chocolate, crunchy nuts, and real vanilla. All our cookies are made to order, in small batches, so every cookie tastes like home.

Diyan’s is a zero preservative zone!  Mom never had to make cookies with preservatives and neither do we!  Each of our six unique, handcrafted flavors is lovingly made with care and passion, to satisfy EVERYONE’S cookie cravings.

And guess what? We’ll deliver our frozen dough right to your doorstep!

There isn’t even a need to defrost.

Freezer. Oven. Devour.

It’s that simple.

Order a batch of Diyan’s Cookie Dough today. And fill your home with pure joy.

{Check out our irresistible flavors!}

Build Memories with Every Bite!


*There actually haven’t been studies that fresh baked cookies are scientifically impossible to resist. But we all know it’s true!